What Do Millennials Want?

When looking at the desires of the average Millennial, there are several things to consider. Communication, travel, home-ownership, career, family, education are all important parts of life. We are not like the generations before us. Nor will the generations after us be like us. All generations have similarities. We have gone through and will continue to go through some of the same things. The key differences between generations appear to be caused by two factors; time and technology. How do Millennials Communicate? Most of us prefer text based communication. Email, text messaging, and various social media platforms. I can’t speak for everyone, but I … Continue reading What Do Millennials Want?

Who Are Millennials?

How Old Are We? The answer varies depending on where you look or who you ask. The team at http://www.genhq.com do a ton of research on generations. They say that Millennials are born between 1977 – 1995. In 2017, this means between the ages of 21 – 40. Who Else Is There? There are a total of five generations: Traditionalists or Silent Generation were born in 1945 or before. In 2017, this is anyone aged 71 or older. Baby Boomers were born between 1946 – 1964. In 2017, they are between the ages of 52 – 71. Generation X were born … Continue reading Who Are Millennials?

My First Flight

I will never forget the day I flew from Winnipeg to Amsterdam. I had never even been on a plane. This was way back in 2011, November I believe. We had three connecting flights. I was incredibly nervous, but also quite excited; my first plane ride ever and I was going halfway across the world! I had a genius idea to use a backpacking bag as my carry on. I made sure to measure it, so I knew it would be acceptable as long as I didn’t fill it too full. I was given a raised eyebrow by the Air … Continue reading My First Flight

Things I Love

I want to ask myself a question today and see what kind of answers I get. I enjoy doing this because I usually keep writing until I learn something I may not have known about myself. The question is: What makes you happy? I am considering turning this into a video, please comment if you think I should do this in video format!! There are many things. The first two can sometimes work against each other. I love being warm. Whether it is a hot shower, a warm blanket, or summer weather. I love wearing shorts and tank tops. Especially … Continue reading Things I Love

Motivation and Choices

Today I feel optimistic, yet uninspired. It is a weird combination of feelings, they certainly contradict each other. I am listening to the New Music Friday playlist by Spotify while I daydream of possibilities for life. I am a dreamer. Full of wishes, hopes, and goals. Achieving goals is hard work, but so bloody rewarding. Setting out to accomplishing anything, and actually crossing the finish line is an amazing feeling. You can look back and see where you came from, who you were before, all of the things you did to get to now. This is what it is all … Continue reading Motivation and Choices

Fashion Wanna Be

Fashion. Not something I have ever really thought too much about. I have always bought individual items that I loved. I am now beginning to think about outfits as a whole. I am also considering buying slightly more expensive items than in the past. Two of my favorite dress pants have the elastic strings poking out around the seams and one of them even has a hole in one of its fake pockets! Now I am standing here ready to buy quality clothing that are fashionable. I have never put any thought into this before. Where do I begin? I … Continue reading Fashion Wanna Be

The Law of Attraction

I have been finding it hard to pick up my laptop and get writing. I am unsure if I can call it laziness. I have definitely thought about writing. Today I put on a Spotify playlist called Productive Morning. I can’t get a link for it… Spotify won’t work on my laptop. The sun is shining into my living room. Now I am writing. I bought a new backpack and wallet. Both are from Simons. I love them. The pockets on the backpack are great. The simpleness of the wallet suits me. The colors on both are so beautiful. Teal and … Continue reading The Law of Attraction

Making Tough Decisions

Decisions. We make them daily. Some are simple. Some take time. One decision I have been battling with for a while is what I want to do with my career. I have 3 options; I could go to school, start a business, or work for a union. Even if I pick one of these, I still have several more options.  Let’s say I went back to school. What would I take? Business (event planning, marketing, or human resources), nutrition, or botany? I have literally been thinking about this for weeks. I am to the point where I feel that I … Continue reading Making Tough Decisions

Slug Week

What a week of procrastination I have had. I have not accomplished half of the things I wanted to this week, and I only had 6 things to do. I have felt so tired and out of place this past week. I definitely need to get out of this sleepy daze and get my life together. It was literally one night that lead to a week, maybe more, of being tired and off my normal sleep schedule. No, I wasn’t out partying… My boyfriend and I were at the hospital with his mom until 3:00 am. She fell on the … Continue reading Slug Week

The Law of Attraction – A Recent Experience

Do you remember when you were a child, how wild your imagination ran? We used to play Lava Monsters. It was kind of like tag; basically if you were in a house the floor was lava, at the playground the sand was lava, and only the Lava Monster can touch the lava. It was incredibly fun. I have only just started to use my imagination like a child again. I saw them at Crowfoot Wine and Spirits for a draw. I got really excited because they were so cool. I was talking loudly to my boyfriend about how awesome I … Continue reading The Law of Attraction – A Recent Experience