Who Are Millennials?

IMAG0714How Old Are We?

The answer varies depending on where you look or who you ask. The team at www.genhq.com do a ton of research on generations. They say that Millennials are born between 1977 – 1995. In 2017, this means between the ages of 21 – 40.

Who Else Is There?

There are a total of five generations:

  1. Traditionalists or Silent Generation were born in 1945 or before. In 2017, this is anyone aged 71 or older.
  2. Baby Boomers were born between 1946 – 1964. In 2017, they are between the ages of 52 – 71.
  3. Generation X were born between 1965 – 1976. In 2017, they are 40 – 52 years old.
  4. Then there is us. Echo Boomers, Gen Y, or Millennials born between 1977 – 1995. In 2017, this means between the ages of 21 – 40.
  5. Gen Z, Centennials, or iGen are all names for the next generation. They are born between 1996 and now. They are 21 & younger.

What Defines Our Generation?

Generation Z remember 911 attacks as history. Millennials remember the 911 attacks. I was in grade 6, and I remember watching the attacks on television.

We are also the largest generation in the workforce and influence other generations spending. Older generations tend to ask a millennial for advice when buying new products, especially electronics.

Are We Entitled?

This is a very ambiguous term. Entitled can mean different things to different people. It can be a negative or positive term, it depends entirely on your perspective. According to Google it means that you believe you absolutely deserve special treatment and privileges.

Now this is where it gets sticky… Millennials tend to believe that anything is possible and we can have it all. We are entitled to have our dreams come true. Older generations see it more of a lack of respect and integrity, it tends to be more of an insulting term.

So yes we consider ourselves entitled, in the most ambitious way. Obviously, there is work to be done to follow your dreams, but we know that we can accomplish everything.

What Is Important?

We, like every generation before us, are growing up and getting older. We went through our teenage years. Now we are beginning to become parents. One day we will be grandparents, some of us may already be. We are not the same as previous generations, and I think that is beautiful. I embrace the uniqueness of each generation.

Let me know in the comments below what generation you are. Give this article a like or share if you thought it was informative. Thank you.

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