Things I Love

I want to ask myself a question today and see what kind of answers I get. I enjoy doing this because I usually keep writing until I learn something I may not have known about myself. The question is: What makes you happy?

I am considering turning this into a video, please comment if you think I should do this in video format!!

There are many things. The first two can sometimes work against each other.

  1. I love being warm. Whether it is a hot shower, a warm blanket, or summer weather.
  2. I love wearing shorts and tank tops. Especially to bed. In the winter. Then  I wake up cold and can’t get out of bed.
  3. I love coffee with milk/cream and sugar, in my favourite blue mug! These coffees were made at the Ramsay Rosso and they are beautiful!DSC_0671
  4. I love my cat, Stampy. He is almost five years old. I have had him for four and a half years. Sometimes he meows too much, but he is warm and soft and cuddly. What’s not too love?20160610_133545
  5. Sunrise & Sunset. Beauty. Everyday. And the sun shining through my window… I guess I just love the sun!
  6. I love the clouds, they are so interesting to watch. They are dynamic and ever changing and hella beautiful.20160917_183646
  7. I love plants! ❤ Does anyone know what the one on the right is?
  8. I love riding my bike – although I feel as though I am outgrowing my BMX, next year I plan to get a sweet mountain bike.

    This photo is and forever will be in memory of my late friend Jesse Mrazek.
  9. I love having a clean house, I only enjoy cleaning the house a little bit…Mostly it is a pain in the bum.
  10. I love eating oatmeal for breakfast. It takes me back to childhood.
  11. I love having time to myself. I am an introvert.
  12. I love writing by hand. I have so many colourful pens and notebooks! I actually just bought a new notebook from Indigo that I am so in love with. I don’t even want to write in it, it is my new favourite thing.
  13. I love travelling and adventure seeking. I have moved throughout the prairies in Canada. I also lived in Elspeet in the Netherlands for half a year and travelled throughout the country. I currently want to travel throughout Canada even more.
  14. I love this post. All of my photos and things I love. I am actually so proud of this one.
  15. I love the simple moments of relaxation or laughter. Sharing a moment with loved ones. Those are the happiest memories I have.
  16. I love planning. I usually plan on Sundays. I go over my week to come and look at my long-term goals. I plan to do at least one thing to get me closer to my goals each week.  Sometimes I procrastinate and have a lazy week, and that’s okay with me. Sometimes I have ridiculously productive weeks and make up for the lazy days.

I feel as though I have run out of things to say. I am sure I love more things than only 16. These are like the simple day-to-day things that I love. ❤ Let me know what you think about my “happy things” and what makes you happy. If you liked this post, please like it! Subscribe to me if you aren’t already and join me on my writing journey!

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