Fashion Wanna Be


Not something I have ever really thought too much about. I have always bought individual items that I loved. I am now beginning to think about outfits as a whole. I am also considering buying slightly more expensive items than in the past. Two of my favorite dress pants have the elastic strings poking out around the seams and one of them even has a hole in one of its fake pockets!

Now I am standing here ready to buy quality clothing that are fashionable. I have never put any thought into this before. Where do I begin? I want to look gorgeous all of the time. I have been reading blogs and watching videos trying to figure out what I want, oh and Pinterest… let’s not forget about Pinterest.

I just read the perfect article on It is short, sweet, and to the point. The first suggestion resonates with me.

“Starting with that perfectly tailored pair of black pants, a trench coat, an office ready blazer, a go-to cocktail dress, a great cashmere sweater and a crisp white button-down shirt can serve as a great foundation from which to build.”

-Click the link to view the full article.

The only item on this list that I currently own is an office ready blazer. It is white and dry clean only. I honestly hate dry clean only clothing! It is so expensive to get done. It’s also time consuming to drop it off and pick it up afterwards. I think the first thing I need to do is buy these 6 things.

A nice pair of black pants that fit me perfectly.

A grey trench coat that goes just past my bum.

A black blazer that I can care for at home.

A little black dress that looks like a fairy princess owns it, one that can be worn with sneakers or heels.

A dark grey cashmere sweater. Or cream colored.  All of the colors. *I have never had anything cashmere so I am rather excited for this.

A crisp white dress shirt with french cuffs.

These are my current fashion goals. I also need some cute accessories. But in reality, it should not take too long to get these items. I will have at least 3 outfits from these items alone, and they will be interchangeable. I plan to purchase as much as possible from the Simons located downtown Calgary. They seem to have everything I need to turn into a fashionista!

I am so excited to begin shopping for these key items. I am going to turn heads for the rest of my life. Starting…. Now! If you have some key wardrobe pieces that you can’t live without, please share them! I will definitely be posting any items I buy and linking to them. I am so ready to go shopping (and I hate shopping!) can’t wait until my next payday! Anywho, thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed my words today. I will see you tomorrow for another 500 words! 🙂 Have a great day.



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