The Law of Attraction

I have been finding it hard to pick up my laptop and get writing. I am unsure if I can call it laziness. I have definitely thought about writing. Today I put on a Spotify playlist called Productive Morning. I can’t get a link for it… Spotify won’t work on my laptop. The sun is shining into my living room. Now I am writing.

I bought a new backpack and wallet. Both are from Simons. I love them. The pockets on the backpack are great. The simpleness of the wallet suits me. The colors on both are so beautiful. Teal and Coral. I bought them at the Simons located in downtown Calgary. If you haven’t been there, it is huge! I don’t even think I have made it through the entire store yet. See the backpack and the wallet on Simons website. This is the first purchase I have made at Simons, and probably won’t be the last.

I don’t go shopping very often, I was required to this time. I had the misfortune of someone going through the car and taking my backpack and wallet. The only night I forget it in the car. Now I have this beautiful blue bag and a gorgeous simple wallet. I can’t help but to feel a small amount of gratitude for the way it played out. The Universe (Allah, God, The Law of Attraction, Karma, etc.) gave this to me. I needed a new wallet and backpack, and had needed them for a while. Now I have both.

About a week ago I started to think I might need new pants, and guess what happened yesterday? A hole. Right in the middle of my left bum cheek. Luckily it is a fake pocket and actually didn’t show anything at all, no matter how far I bent over. Law of Attraction strikes again. I love how it works. I feel as though I am only beginning to discover how the universe works. I definitely have a lot of input into the world as I know it.

Another example. I have been riding my bike to work everyday for about two weeks. I stopped to admire my bike one day about a week in. I had distant memories of riding it in the streets of Winnipeg. I remember how many tubes I would go through, especially living in Fort McMurray. The ex and my friends hated working on my tires, they are so hard to get off and on the rim. I know my bike, so it doesn’t take me very long. A sense of pride fills my chest.

Two Days Later…

Flat rear tire. A thought chimed in my head, “Be careful what you wish for.” I had asked for it, and it happened. I personally can’t deny the Law of Attraction. It has proven itself to me time and time again. If you have a Law of Attraction experience let me know in the comments.

This writing was very free-spirited and expressed my thoughts as they came… I am quite happy with it! Hope you are enjoying your life, have a great day! See you tomorrow with whatever comes to mind.

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