Making Tough Decisions

Decisions. We make them daily. Some are simple. Some take time. One decision I have been battling with for a while is what I want to do with my career. I have 3 options; I could go to school, start a business, or work for a union. Even if I pick one of these, I still have several more options. 

Let’s say I went back to school. What would I take? Business (event planning, marketing, or human resources), nutrition, or botany? I have literally been thinking about this for weeks. I am to the point where I feel that I am overthinking it far too much. I should just know what I want to do if I do go back to school. Probably not in my near future.

Starting a business and working for a union are both great options that could be done simultaneously. I love gardening and plan on forming a business based around gardening in small spaces. I want to grow plants and get a union job. I have made my decision. 

It took me months. I wonder if everyone in our generation is this indecisive. 

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