Slug Week

What a week of procrastination I have had. I have not accomplished half of the things I wanted to this week, and I only had 6 things to do. I have felt so tired and out of place this past week. I definitely need to get out of this sleepy daze and get my life together. It was literally one night that lead to a week, maybe more, of being tired and off my normal sleep schedule. No, I wasn’t out partying… My boyfriend and I were at the hospital with his mom until 3:00 am. She fell on the ice and broke her wrist quite badly. I still have not caught up on my sleep for this one late night. How did I do it last year? I rarely went to bed before 2 or 3 and woke up by 7 or 8 almost everyday. Ahhh to be younger.

So back to my procrastination, what an odd thing procrastination is. I knew that I needed to get things done and reminded myself several times. I make my lists and plan when I will do them and somehow fail. Hell, I even left this post till the last minute (it’s 9:45 on Sunday morning!). What am I doing wrong? Part of me wants to blame it on a lack of Vitamin D, but I should not be lacking. I also took an iron supplement the other day in hopes of boosting my energy levels. I guess I can take all of the supplements I want, but if I don’t want to work on something it’s going to take a while.

So how to cope? Well I guess I need to evaluate my commitments, and decide what I really have time for. I am considering dropping some of those commitments, but I would like to stick them out a little longer. One thing I would like to do before I make any decisions, is a visit to the doctor to ensure all my levels are where they need to be. I would like to feel more energized and motivated to work toward my goals. I believe it is all about attitude.

I have had a fairly positive attitude – just quite lazy. I will likely just repeat this to myself this week: “I will be energized and ready to go this week. I will cross everything I need to get done off my to-do list.” I want to know, how do you find motivation?

Time to go get it girl.

Inspire yourself.





5 thoughts on “Slug Week

    1. 😉 I have only just begun my blog this year and already I am learning all too well how frustrating writers block is. Writers block & procrastination are definitely a strong combination.

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