The Law of Attraction – A Recent Experience

Do you remember when you were a child, how wild your imagination ran? We used to play Lava Monsters. It was kind of like tag; basically if you were in a house the floor was lava, at the playground the sand was lava, and only the Lava Monster can touch the lava. It was incredibly fun. I have only just started to use my imagination like a child again.


I saw them at Crowfoot Wine and Spirits for a draw. I got really excited because they were so cool. I was talking loudly to my boyfriend about how awesome I thought they were, he kind of ignored me. As I imagined myself on the train and riding my bike, I filled out a ballot.

A few weeks later I got a call from an unknown number, I didn’t answer which is typical of me. I checked the voicemail a minute later. “Hey this is Crowfoot Wine and Spirits calling to let Heather know that she has won one of our draws,” the guy had a really excitable voice…  All I could think was, “Wow, what have I won?” My mind started racing with excitement.

I called my boyfriend and told him I won one of the draws. We both started guessing what it could be. All either of us could remember was the TV or the vacation.

So I called Crowfoot Wine and Spirits back. “Hey I am Heather and I missed a call from you.” “HEATHERRRRR, what do you think you won?” I told him our guesses. He said, “No not quite as cool as a TV. Have you ever heard of a Doctor named Dre? You’ve won a pair of Beats by Dre!!” I was pretty excited and told him I would pick them up in a couple of days.

I manifested a pair of Beats by Dre Solo3 Special Edition. They are worth $329 Canadian brand new. I got them for free.  No cords, 40-hour battery, and they keep my ears warm when I don’t want to wear a toque.

I honestly think that I won them because I got really excited about them as soon as I saw them. I had never thought about owning them before, I definitely wouldn’t have bought them for myself. When I first saw them I could see myself enjoying them. About a month later they came to me!

If you can imagine yourself doing something, you can literally create it. The law of attraction and your imagination work hand in hand. It may not work the first time or the first hundred times, just change your approach. It will work if you can find an approach that works you, you need to believe and feel that everything you want is already yours. Life really is what you make it.


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