The Power of the Phrase “I Don’t Know”

Imagine for a moment.

You are writing a blog post about the power of the phrase “I don’t know” and you ask yourself what you should write as an example. “I don’t know,” is the only thing that comes to mind. You begin writing and all of a sudden your fingers are flying across the keyboard. Saying I don’t know allowed your mind to run free with possibilities. It let your imagination out.

Open-Mind                                        Imagination                                        Knowledge

When you admit you don’t know, you allow your mind to be ready for new ideas to create new knowledge. You are ready to learn and grow. You are not insecure. You are open to other ideas and opinions.

I have trained many people in different jobs. One thing I have always taught people during training that if they don’t know something, to please tell me, even when they are finished training. Why? I would rather demonstrate how to do something once or twice than have it done wrong or not done at all, and have a disaster to fix it later.

I asked my boyfriend what his thoughts were. He is a sub-contractor and brought up the point that anyone who has ever worked with him that says “I don’t know” is trainable and willing to learn, and that people who say “I know, but…” tend to think that they know what they are talking about and will not listen to any other ideas or expertise. “I know, but…” could be considered slightly argumentative.

“I don’t know” is so much better than “I know, but…” I didn’t really notice much of a difference until about 6 months ago. I was on a path to self-improvement and seriously evaluating my life. I found myself using “I don’t know” to explain (almost) everything I was thinking. I noticed it and started asking myself why I didn’t know what I wanted. I came to the gradual realization that once I admitted I didn’t know something, I soon grew to understand myself deeper. This was a great change from a year or more ago, I definitely would have explained away my problems with an excuse along the lines of; “Ya I know, but whatever… blah blah…”

Think about it. Even if you feel that you know something, what would happen if you said you don’t know or asked for further explanation. You may learn something that you never would have learned. If you say “I know, but…” there is no opportunity for anyone else to contribute to the conversation. I notice this more often that I would like. When I find myself in a conversation with someone with a know it all mentality, they almost always give it away when they say “I know, but…” I pretty much end the conversation right then and there.

Not knowing something is beautiful. You have the opportunity to learn as much as you are willing.  I love learning new things and hearing the views from another soul. Let your mind expand with the knowledge from another. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

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This is me at a beautiful waterfall just outside of Calgary.



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