9 Tips for Becoming Minimalist

Minimalism came into my life just when I needed it. I don’t think that minimalism means the same thing for everyone, nor will every person consider the same things to be necessary. I started researching minimalism on YouTube. I was exploring different ways to self-improve and grow. I never outright said I wanted to be minimalist, however reading the book by Marie Kondo (see tip 2) changed my perspective.

  1. Use a planner! Whether it is an electronic calendar, a plain old notebook, or an old fashioned planner. Find what works for you, and use it. Being organized and making time for the things that spark joy is so much easier when you have all of your commitments in one place.
  2. Read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I had seen many YouTubers reference it so I read the book. Before reading it minimalism just didn’t quite make sense, after wards I knew minimalism was the next thing I wanted to explore.
  3. This kind of goes with #2, but check out my favorite YouTube channel Muchelle B. She has been such a huge inspiration for me! I completed her challenge called 30 Days to Simplify Your Life. It really helped me to physically and mentally declutter. I threw away so many things that I have moved so many times. I also decided once and for all what I felt was worth doing and pursuing.
  4. Wake up early and have a morning routine. Check out my morning routine here!
  5. If you have a messy partner, don’t nag them to clean. Personally, I didn’t spend a lot of time in our messy living room (it was mostly his items creating the mess). I just kept cleaning and organizing my areas. I asked him to help me clean our living room and he said no. I responded with a simple okay, did some laundry and a deep clean of the kitchen. Within a couple hours he was cleaning the living room and did an amazing job! He even vacuumed.
  6. Only have things that make you happy! It is incredibly liberating to throw away the old heels that are worn down, or the shirt with a hole in it, or the bra that doesn’t quite fit, or the ugly ornament you got as a gift. I have no explanation as to why I kept  so many things for so long, but I am glad I realized they serve no use to my happiness.
  7. Only do things that make you happy! Just because someone invites you to {insert activity you dislike here} doesn’t mean you have to say yes. Tell them you don’t enjoy it or tell them you are busy, just make sure you reschedule an activity you both enjoy with them later.
  8. Take the first step. You know that one thing you’ve been meaning to do forever? Start it now.
  9. Most importantly, remember that minimalism is what you make it. Simply put, minimalism is limiting your exposure to things that do not spark joy, and having an abundance of what you love. Some minimalists live out of a backpack, while others just have a clean and organized home.

Whatever minimalism is for you, remember that it should make you smile. If you are stressed out about being minimalist, you are probably putting too much emphasize on it. Take it slow, do a lot of research, and remember it is a journey, not a quick fix.

If you feel like sharing your reasons for going minimalist, or if you have any questions let me know! I will always give the best advice I can, based off of my personal experience. Thanks for reading 🙂

2 thoughts on “9 Tips for Becoming Minimalist

    1. Hey Denzil, thank you for checking out my blog! I will check out the missing link, I appreciate you letting me know. Cutting is incredibly liberating! It’s hard to explain, but it provides peace of mind and clarity. I have so much more energy and many more “happy” days than before.


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