2017 Dreams

I sit here and sip my coffee pondering what will 2017 bring to me? I mentally go over the list of things I have wanted to explore for years. I have wanted a torch and kiln for lamp working for years. I’ve wanted an indoor garden, which I now have decided I want to build a vertical aeroponic garden. I want to make natural soaps and lip balms and candles. I want to go to school, however I am torn between saving for school or spending my time, money, and energy on the above. I don’t really know what I would take in school… Maybe that is a sign that it is not the right path. There are so many other things I want to accomplish… but the 3 mentioned above really stand out and make me feel happy. I want to slay 2017!! I am going to get what I want this year because I am going to work for what I want this year.

What do you want to accomplish? Leave a comment down below.

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